What to expect... step by step guidelines

We all know the main goal for a web presence is to inform your visitors that you exist.

If you run an online business, you want your customers to click on the buy button. If you run a charitable organization, you want them to click on the donate button.

We take pride in understanding your business and your needs and develop a website that will convey the right message and functionalities.

The Next Step…

We will schedule a meeting with you and once we have familiarized ourselves with your business and have identified your goals, will be able to specify many or most of the components you wish to have on your website. We are then ready to move into production. This starts with development of the site structure and key layouts.

We will also need to find out a bit more about the following points:

  • The nature of your business

  • Your desired outcome when the project is completed

  • Your overall budget and expectations

  • Strategies we can put in place to produce results in search engines as well as marketing and social media postings and popularity

We will then draft a business proposal which will be clear. You will understand exactly what you are getting for your money.

Design & Development…

With the basic structure of your site established, we begin developing your unique look and visual identity.   Once designs are approved, a development site will be built. This is a private website where you will be able to review and explore your site with all the functionalities available.

Using the latest technologies, we will develop your website which meets your requirements. Le Studio WebDesign takes pride in staying in constant communication with you all along the various development phases.


It is usually best if our clients write their own content for their website. Nobody else but you knows your business better. We can however assist you in developing your content or we can do it all for you if you wish.

Being a fully bilingual business, we also provide high quality translation services. If this is one of your requirement, it will be reflected in our proposal.

Review and Testing…

Ounce the development of your website has begun, we will provide you with a secret link so you can see the progress and review your website prior to the actual launch.

The Launch…

Once your website is complete, it is time to make it available to your visitors. We will schedule a launch to coincide with your schedule. You will have time to do some advertising announcing the soon to be release of your website.


Once your website is up and running, Le Studio WebDesign can provide you with regular updates.

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